Chapter 25. Using the Event Visualizer app

Table of Contents

25.1. Event Visualizer overview
25.2. Create a chart
25.3. Select a chart type
25.4. Select dimension items
25.5. Select series, category and filter
25.6. Change the display of your chart
25.7. Download a chart as an image or a PDF
25.8. Download chart data source
25.9. Manage chart favorites
25.9.1. Save a chart as a favorite
25.9.2. Open a favorite
25.9.3. Rename a favorite
25.9.4. Overwrite a favorite
25.9.5. Modify sharing settings for a favorite
25.9.6. Delete a favorite
25.10. Create a link to a favorite
25.11. Visualize a chart as a pivot table

25.1. Event Visualizer overview

With the Event Visualizer app, you can create charts based on event data.