Chapter 17. Using the Usage Analytics app

Table of Contents

17.1. Create an usage analytics graph

The Usage Analytics app lets you visualize statistics on how users are working with the Dashboard, Pivot Table, GIS, Event Visualizer, Data Visualizer and Event Reports apps within DHIS2. With this statistics you can answers questions such as:

17.1. Create an usage analytics graph

  1. Click Apps > Usage Analytics.

  2. Select a Start date and End date.

  3. Select an Interval: day, week month or year.

  4. Select a Category.

    There are five analytics categories:

    • Favorite views: Provides the number of times various types of favorites have been viewed, such as charts, pivot tables and dashboards, over time. This analysis lets you switch between all types of favorites, the total across all types and the average number of views.

    • Favorites: Provides the number of favorites which have been created and stored in the system over time.

    • Users: Provides the number of active as well as total number of users over time.

    • Top favorites: Shows the most viewed favorites in the system by type.

    • Data values: Provides the number of data values stored in the system over time.

  5. Click Update.