Chapter 2. Getting started with DHIS2

Table of Contents

2.1. Using the DHIS2 demo server
2.2. Using the DHIS2 live package
2.2.1. Starting the DHIS2 Live package
2.2.2. Downloading and installing the server version
2.3. Logging on to DHIS2
2.4. Logging out of DHIS2
2.5. Quick intro to designing a DHIS2 database
2.5.1. The organisational hierarchy
2.5.2. Data Elements
2.5.3. Datasets and data entry forms
2.5.4. Validation rules
2.5.5. Indicators
2.5.6. Report tables and reports
2.5.7. GIS
2.5.8. Charts and dashboard

2.1. Using the DHIS2 demo server

The DHIS2 team maintains a demonstration server at This is by far the easiest way to try out DHIS2. Simply open the link in your web browser and login with username = admin and password = district.


All changes on this server are deleted each night, so do not save any important work on this server. It is strictly for demonstration purposes on only!