8.15. DHIS2 Live setup

The DHIS2 Live package is extremely convenient to install and run. It is intended for demonstrations, for users who want to explore the system and for small, offline installations typically at districts or facilities. It only requires a Java Runtime Environment and runs on all browsers except Internet Explorer 7 and lower.

To install start by downloading DHIS2 Live from http://dhis2.org and extract the archive to any location. On Windows click the executable archive. On Linux invoke the startup.sh script. After the startup process is done your default web browser will automtically be pointed to http://localhost:8082 where the application is accessible. A system tray menu is accessible on most operating systems where you can start and stop the server and start new browser sesssions. Please note that if you have the server running there is no need to start it again, simply open the application from the tray menu.

DHIS2 Live is running on an embedded Jetty servlet container and an embedded H2 database. However it can easily be configured to run on other database systems such as PostgreSQL. Please read the section above about server installations for an explanation of the database configuration. The dhis.conf configuration file is located in the conf folder. Remember to restart the Live package for your changes to take effect. The server port is 8082 by default. This can be changed by modifying the value in the jetty.port configuration file located in the conf directory.