21.3. Getting started with GitHub

The DHIS2 documentation system is managed at GitHub in its own source code repository. GitHub is a collaborative platform that enables multiple people to work on software projects collaboratively. In order for this to be possible, a version control system is necessary in order to manage all the changes that multiple users may make. GitHub uses the git source control system. While it is beyond the scope of this document to describe the functionality of git, users who wish to create documentation will need to gain at least a basic understanding of how the system works. A basic guide is provided in the next section. The reader is referred to the git manual for futher more detailed information.

In order to start adding or editing the documentation, you should first perform a checkout of the source code. If you do not already have a GitHub account, you will need to get one. This can be done here. Once you register with GitHub, you will need to request access to the dhis2-documenters group if you wish to modify the source code of the documentation directly.

Login to GitHub, and then file an issue here. Your request will need to be approved by the group administrators. Once you have been granted access to the group, you can commit changes to the documentation branch and send and receive notifications if you wish. Alternatively, you can clone the documentation into your own repository, commit your changes to your own fork, and request that your changes be merged with the source of the documenation with a pull request here.