Chapter 9. Support

Table of Contents

9.1. Home page:
9.2. Collaboration platform:
9.3. Reporting a problem

The DHIS2 community uses a set of collaboration and coordination platforms for information and provision of downloads, documentation, development, source code, functionality specifications, bug tracking. This chapter will describe this in more detail.

9.1. Home page:

The DHIS2 home page is found at http://dhis2.orgThe download page provides downloads for the DHIS2 Live package, WAR files, the mobile client, a Debian package, the source code, sample databases and a tool for editing the application user interface translations. Please note that the current latest release will be maintained until the next is released and both the actual release and the latest build from the release branch are provided. We recommend that you check back regularly on the download page and update your online server with the latest build from the release branch. The build revision can be found under Help - About inside DHIS2.

The documentation page provides installation instructions, user documentation, this implementation guide, presentations, Javadocs, changelog, roadmap and a guide for contributing to the documentation. The user documentation is focused on the practical aspects of using DHIS2, such as how to create data elements and reports. This implementation guide is addressing the more high-level aspects of DHIS2 implementation, database development and maintenance. The change log and roadmap sections provide links to the relevant pages in the Launchpad site described later.

The functionality and features pages give a brief overview with screenshots of the main functionalities and features of DHIS2. A demo DHIS2 application can be reached from the demo top menu link. These pages can be used when a quick introduction to the system must be given to various stakeholders.

The about page has information about the license under which DHIS2 is released, how to sign up for the mailing lists, get access to the source code and more.