5.2. Aggregation strategy in DHIS2

The analysis tools in DHIS2 reads aggregated data from data mart tables. A data mart is a data store optimized for meeting the most common user requests for data analysis. The DHIS2 data mart contains data aggregated in the space dimension (the organisation unit hierarchy), time dimension (over multiple periods) and for indicator formulas (mathematical expressions including data elements). Retrieving data directly from data marts provides good performance even in high-concurrency environments since most requests for analysis can be served with a single, simple database query against the data mart. The aggregation engine in DHIS2 is capable of processing low-level data in the multi-millions and manage most national-level databases, and it can be said to provide near real-time access to aggregate data.

DHIS2 allows for setting up scheduled aggregation tasks which typically will refresh and populate the data mart with aggregated data every night. You can choose between aggregating data for the last 12 months every night, or aggregate data for the last 6 months everry night and the last 6 to 12 months every Saturday. The scheduled tasks can be configured under "Scheduling" in "Data administration" module. It is also possible to execute arbitrary data mart tasks under "Data mart" in "Reports" module.