1.9. Decentralization of data capture and management

Migrating from paper based systems or primitive databases to full-fledged web based health information systems and from capturing district based aggregated data to facility based data entails new possibilities for decentralized data management which should be exploited. Firstly the facilities with sufficient hardware and network connectivity should be tasked with entering their own data. This will reduce the workload of the district health records officer who might use the freed up time for data analysis, data use, feedback to facilities and data quality efforts. Secondly maintenance of the facility hierarchy in terms of facility classification and health services provided at the facilities is a resource demanding task and should be decentralized and done as a joint effort by all district officers rather than by a single national team. This will make the facility information more correct and up to date since the district officers have better knowledge of their local situation and have incentives for proper management as it will eventually affect their performance indicators and data completeness scores.