3.5. Downloading tracker data from the online DHIS2 instance

From the main screen press the middle button for querying the server. Since this task requires an Internet connection, please make sure that you have one. This task will query the server with the organisation unit and programme that you have selected from the main screen. After you have pressed this button a dialog appears. In this dialog you can either specify your search by pressing the detailed search button. The detailed search queries the server for tracked entity instances that contains the values that you have specified in your query. When you are finished with your query, press the globe for displaying the results from the server. If you want to display all tracked entity instances from the selected organisation unit and programme, you can simply press the globe button without entering any details. Depending on your Internet connection, this task can take some time so please be patient. A new dialog will present a list of results from your query containing tracked entity instances. Select the tracked entity instances that you want to download by tapping on them (A green tick on the right side will indicate that you have selected the tracked entity instance). After you have selected all your tracked entity instances that you want to download, press the download button, that has an icon with a downwards arrow, at the top of the dialog screen. The tracked entity instances will be downloaded in the background and the synchronization wheel will be displayed. When a tracked entity instance is finished downloading it will appear in the list at the bottom of the main screen.

Login screen.