1.4. Creating events

Click on the + button to go to the new event form. The new event will be associated with the organisation unit and program you selected previously. The new event screen has a range of functions:

Login screen.

The back button in the top top-left corner will take you back to the main screen (list of events). For programs that have specified sections, these sections will be displayed as a selector at the centre of the top bar. There are also right and left arrows which you can use to move between sections. You can use this selector and arrows to quickly navigate between form sections. The save button in the top-right corner will save what you have entered for the event so far. Data is also saved when you switch between sections.

The Complete button on the second bar will mark the event as complete. The Validate button will trigger a check for validness of the information you have entered based on the validation rules which have been set up for the program.

The first form field contains a date selector and indicators the time of when the event took place. The label is customizable and will vary from system to system. The Enter coordinates field, which will be displayed if the program is configured to store coordinates, lets you use the GPS capability of your device to set the longitude and latitude of your current location by pressing the circle-like symbol to its right. You can alternatively enter the coordinates directly.

The event entry form itself will be rendered below. The type of input field selector will depend on the type of the data element representing the input field. For example, you will see date selectors, free text input and numeric input fields. Data elements with predefined options will be rendered using a special dialog where you can either click directly on options or use a text input field to search for a specific option (useful if there is a high number of options).

Login screen.